MTCONNECT Made Data Collection Easier!

MTConnect is a protocol designed for the exchange of data between shop floor equipment and software applications used for monitoring and data analysis.


MTConnect Standard Has Three Sections.

The first section provides information on the protocol and structure of the XML documents via XML schemas. The second section specifies the machine tool components and the description of the available data. The third and last section specifies the organization of the data streams that can be provided from a manufacturing device.

MTConnect is referred to as a read-only standard

MTConnect is a protocol designed for the exchange of data between shop floor equipment and software applications used for monitoring and data analysis.


Benefits of MTConnect

*The main benefit of MTConnect is that it enables data from a varied range of machines to have common values, units, names and context.
*Standardized vocabulary and semantics of the information models. 
*Provides a read-only feature which prevents any inadvertent changes to the machine parameters. 
*Based on open internet standards like HTTP & XML which allows easy adoption. 
*Enables interoperability with multiple open standards like OPC UA, B2MMl, UMATI.

MTConnect Standardizes Factory Device Data.

MTConnect is a manufacturing technical standard to retrieve process information from numerically controlled machine tools.


CNC Data Supported Through MTConnect Server


Machine Brands That MTConnect Can Be Connected

Supporting CNC machines, the MTConnect adapter enables fast and easy connection of the machine tool tip and the latest machine data to standard MTConnect adapter CNC machines.

MTConnect Adapter supports all modern CNC controllers of FANUC CNC's. Up to now, we applied controllers which mentioned below,
*16i, 18i, 21i - Model B or newer,
*0i Model B or newer,
*30i, 31i, 32i - Model A or newer
*Power Motion or Power Mate Controllers.

Commonly used in aerospace and die-mold CNCs. This device adapter enables you to acquire and output production and process data from machines with Heidenhain controllers. Adapted Controllers are TNC430, TNC620, TNC640 and iTNC530. Also, you can read or write PLC data values and machine parameters. Important Note: For Heidenhain, we don't need Option 18. This saves 1000Euro per machine.

With MTConnect Adapter, you can acquire all production and process data from Mitsubishi controlled machines. Also maintenance datas can be read out by same tool. Adapted Controllers are M70, M700, M80, M800. For modern Mitsubishi controllers, we don't need any Mitsubishi option on CNC.

BROTHER concentrate producing of tapping center which named SPPEDIO. Brother uses their own controllers. MTConnect Adapter support modern Brother CNCs which has native ethernet port.

Mazak has widely range machine types and different controllers. Mainly MAZAK uses their own controller which is named MAZATROL. We added Mazak MTConnect adapter in Q4 2020. For now, We only support (already tested) Mazak Machines with MAZATROL SMART controllers. For other types of MAZATROLs, we are working on it.



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